ARTISTLABS is Malaysia’s first and only creative accelerator focused on matching creative entrepreneurs with some of the best global mentors that will provide real world practical guidance that can be implemented immediately.

With focus specifically on individuals looking to accelerate their Music, Literature, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Fashion and Crafts businesses, selected participants will be funded through a series of dialogues, 4 weeks of rigorous online courses, intensive mentorship with global creative professionals, a placement with a world class international community of like minded creative entrepreneurs.

This unique 4-week experience is open to 25 of the best creative entrepreneurs and is valued at over RM250,000 per person.




December 16, 2017
RantaiArt Festival @ iM4U Sentral Puchong


Online Courses
January 15 – February 2, 2018

Deep Dive
February 5 – 9, 2018



Join the webinar to find out all you need to know about Artistlabs Accelerator!

Meet the Artistlabs and Creative Startups Team through the webinar on Thursday 23 November 2017, 12:00PM to ask any questions regarding Artistlabs Accelerator.

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If Your Art Is Awesome

Artistic excellence takes years to develop, we get it...

It is not unreasonable to become proficient at some skills within a few hundred hours of practice. Whether it is one hour a day or 10 hours a day, it takes alot of time, and more often then not, many years of practise to be artistically great at what you do. At some point you decide to make this a career, and because you’ve devote so much of your time to artistic quality, the results speaks for themselves in your thousands of followers on your Instagram or Facebook page.

But Your Business Is Not

Much like your art, entrepreneurship requires alot of finesse, but you notice its difficult to juggle arts and business...

And as a result of that, you are unable to find peers that are equally successful both artistically and from an entrepreneurial standpoint. Today, artists and creative entrepreneurs are required to tackle artistic excellence while executing the long list of demanding tasks required to run a business. And because you’ve spent so much time perfecting your artistic skills, you find that your business acumen is severely lacking.


Because we understand what it takes to be excellent in creativity and entrepreneurship...

Artistlabs is a launchpad for artists and entrepreneurs. It enables and accelerates creative entrepreneurs to make money doing what they love, launching them to reach their full creative entrepreneurship potential.

With focus specifically on individuals looking to launch or accelerate a career in music, literature, visual arts, performing arts, fashion and design, selected participants will be funded through a series of dialogues, a 4 week program of rigorous self-evaluation, intensive mentorship with creative professionals, a placement with world class international establishment and creative festival to showcase their works.

Creative Startups Mentors

Artistlabs will be connected with the Global Creative Startups Mentor Network. Meet the Global Mentors here:

Sequoia Blodgett

Founder and CEO of 7AM

Sequoia Blodgett started her career as a creative, directing commercials and music videos for some of the top artists and brands in the Entertainment industry. In May of 2014, she fell ill from a rare diagnosis that affects 3 out of one million people. Once she recovered, she decided that she wanted to do something more fulfilling with her life by directly affecting others in an inspirational and uplifting way, while still maintaining her creative essence.

In 2015, she created and launched 7AM, a personal development education platform guided by informed pop culture, while attending Silicon Valley’s, 7-week Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, Draper University. This opportunity led her to an investment from VC, Tim Draper and an advisory role on, ABC Family’s, “Startup U”, a reality series based around the unorthodox, startup ecosystem that Draper University provides.

Kae Fong Tae

Strategy Director at Tangible Branding

Kae Fong is a partner at Tangible, a Singapore-based brand consulting company. They aim to help leaders leverage their brands as strategic tools to drive change and growth. Before branding, Kae Fong had a variety of experiences, including being a broadcast journalist, researcher, trainer, travel organiser, and management consultant. On the entrepreneurial front, he has co-founded an app start-up and a life science start-up.

Mo Shuyi

President of Business Development, Infinite Studios

Shuyi is the President of Business Development with the Media and Hospitality Group and was CFO from 2009-2013. Shuyi brings with her more than 10 years of experience in private equity with PAMA Group Inc and Advent International Corporation based in Singapore and Hong Kong, focusing on technology, manufacturing and hospitality in Malaysia and Thailand, with exposure to China and the USA.

In her early career, Shuyi was based in China as the key Business Development and Finance professional responsible for development and marketing of an industrial park, providing extensive commercial and government-related support for companies establishing businesses in the area.

Shuyi started her career in Treasury with a Singapore-listed regional construction company. She graduated with an MBA and a degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology from Canada. She has a passion for social causes and is active with children charities in China, Cambodia and Nepal.

Creative Startups Team

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Regional Mentors

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